Personal Work

This week has been a reminder to me how important it is to create work for yourself from time to time. As my final semester is ending I am as busy as ever trying to fit everything in. Not just homework and projects and utilizing resources but spending time with the people and places I won't see for a very long time... if ever again. It hit me hard on Monday that I have so much left to do as this expiration date approaches, and so much left to figure out about my future. I always roll my eyes at myself when I talk about "figuring out my future" like my life is some jigsaw puzzle to be put into place. I'm a planner but no plan I have ever had for myself has unfolded as I "figured" it would.

As I was stressing about finding a model and a concept and time to shoot an airy high key image for an assignment I completely lost it. I was NOT in the mood to shoot something light and airy and as an artist so much of what I do is based on how I am feeling in that moment. So I went with the moment, grabbed my friend and resident model (she lives me... she gets used ALOT) and we headed to the studio to get out all our growing pains and for once embrace the pressure of becoming old. Even though I will be leaving school soon I have realized there is so much more I need to learn about myself, but that's what the New Year is for. For now I am happy to be this moody dark photographer because it feels authentic.