jared & emily >>> oakland, ca wedding

The first time I ever saw Emily was two and half years ago in a dark auditorium as I was sitting between my my mom and dad. It's strange because I barely remember anything about that day except I remember vividly the blond girl a few seats down and her black stir-up skinny jeans and red toms. We were just two students out of the auditorium of many who were leaving the next day to spend the next four months in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Then there is mysterious Europe traveling Jared. We spent all fall semester hanging out with Jared's friend Nate who would tell us little updates about his friend Jared and what he was up to in Europe. Who would have thought that less than a year later these two would be getting hitched. Jared was most certainly the dark horse contender for Emily's heart but when the two of them finally realized that the other one existed the whirlwind romance was one for the storybooks.  

It really is true that you meet some of your best friends in college.  At least for me, those are bonds I hope never end. Emily became my friend, then roommate and then one of my best friends. And I was shocked but also so honored when she and Jared asked me to photograph their wedding day in Oakland last August.

Em and Jared I wish you all the best as you start your new family. You da best!