Squirell, Idaho

I recently began a group project for my photo 3 class. The idea is that the five of us will visit different towns nearby with populations less than 500 and photograph them in a documentary style. At first I have to admit I wasn't crazy about the idea. I've always struggled with embracing this small town where I live right now. (Don't worry it's a city of like 28,000 people; I just exaggerate) But I've come to find that I really love this project, I think that driving an hour or so you start to see things in a different way. These towns have so much character and really have stories to tell. We were able to chat with two locals, neither of which would let us take their picture, but it was so cool to see their faces light up to talk about this place where they have lived so long and that they really love. I'm fairly certain i will always be a city person but there is something so charming about this small town life.