Mud Lake, Idaho

The last place I visited for my group documentary project on small towns was Mud Lake. This was a slightly different experience because normally when we go photograph there would be at least three or four of us but this time it was just Ellie and I. It's interesting the different dynamic you have interacting with people when you are alone compared with a partner or a small group. It definitely has an effect on how a photographing outing can go.

For example I was wandering around a grain factory when I met these two men named Carlos. They told me that in this small town factory there where three different men named Carlos. Imagine that. Carlos one was too shy to talk to me but Carlos two was very eager to have me take his picture with his truck. So as I was photographing him in his truck Ellie came over and for a moment he got more shy that she was there but her opened right back up and was telling us about his family. He was such a nice man!

Also, if by some weird turn of fate you find yourself in Mud Lake, PLEASE stop and get a burger at K and G's diner and liquor store... Weird combo but a heavenly cheeseburger.